Enlightened Sleep Yoga Immersion

"Yoga Nidra for

Super Bliss, Wisdom, & Compassion"

A 100 Hour Yoga Alliance CEU course

Module 1: January 12-15, 2024 (replay & study & practice On-demand)

Module 2: February 16-19, 2024 (US Holiday-Presidents)

Module 3: March 28-March 31st (Retreat at Menla -in person or livestream)

Broadcast Times for Module 1 & 2 Eastern Standard Time: Friday 8pm-11pm; Saturday, Sunday, Monday: 2-4pm; 5-7pm; 8-9pm

A beautiful immersion in Yoga Nidra, Comparative Tibetan Dream & Clearlight Sleep practices, the Science of Better Sleep, Meditation, and classical Indian Scriptures to inspire, heal, transform, and awaken.

*Students can join this course any time, although we encourage you to attend live for the energetic transmissions.

Livestream zoom sessions will be recorded and stored on our Learning Platform for you to practice ongoing.

Module 1 - The Enlightened Body

-science of better sleep

-healing affects of Yoga Nidra on the body

-the power of intention/ Sankalpa.

-tapping into the power of the subtle body & Prana

-learn how to create yoga Nidra practices for deep restoration.

Module 2 - The Enlightened Mind

-comparative neuroscience

-using the inquiring & analytical mind to find freedom..

-Journey into your powerful inner resources;

-learn how to create yoga nidra practices that dissolve mental obscurations and bring clarity.

Module 3 - The Enlightened Heart

- Dissolving templates of belief

- Becoming fully illuminated by the light of pure consciousness.

- Becoming a powerful creator sourced by intuitive wisdom.

Module 3 Retreat all times EST 9:30-Noon; 4-6pm; 7:30-9pm.

Michele Loew

Has been studying yoga for 30 years, and is also a devoted Vajrayana Buddhism practitioner. Having a deep love for the clearlight and dream yoga practices, and the sister science of Yoga Nidra, she is passionate about sharing these deeply transformational practices with students as a swift path to freedom, joy, and bliss.

Yoga Nidra is the practice of enlightened sleep, and is performed lying down in 45 minute practice sessions. One session of Yoga Nidra brings the same rest as 4 hours of sleep. Practitioners of Yoga Nidra improve their sleep, dreams and dream yoga abilities, have profound meditative insights, while healing the physical, emotional, and mental layers of the body.

A Yoga Alliance Continuing
Education Course

30 hours of CEUs

or take the full course for 100 hrs certification

An Immersion into the heart

Yoga Nidra is one of the most beautiful of all the yoga practices.

Come take rest and awaken to your luminous mind

Now is the time to uncover an ocean of bliss

This course will be yours to keep, for continued practice and study

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Lying Down to Wake up

Therefore, realize with a still mind your own true nature, which is the one pure, undivided consciousness underlying the restless mind which is composed of the whole universe in all its diversity. 

Realize with a still mind, the state between sleep and wakefulness… This is the real Self, inherent in which one is no longer deluded