With a little assistance, you can bring to light hidden sensitivities and less-than-conscious constructs that prevent a healthy relationship to money and life. By exploring archetypes and identifying patterns, we can both step outside ourselves and examine the inner boundaries of our current comfort zone, allowing for new expansion. Through seeing more clearly, we become more calm, focused, flexible, and creative, reintegrating the Shadow in whatever way is most meaningful.

Money can be a big block to the flow of energy in our lives, which is why it is such a fruitful topic to work with. In the process of this exploration, other unexamined facets of your life are likely to arise, offering opportunities to learn in important and intuitive ways. This work is underpinned by a strong foundation in Buddhist practice. Our approach is to examine with the light of awareness, to let go of attachments and become grounded, and to open the heart so that our actions align with our natural, inner compassion.

Working from the global to the personal on narratives surrounding money, a series of interactive exercises, breakout room discussions, and guided meditations are designed to provide these benefits:
- The understanding of our emotional relationship to money that affects all aspects of our lives
- The ability to have a courageous money conversation
- The disentangling of our self-worth from figures in a bank account
- The development of interest, joy and equanimity around money
- The ability to envision and embody a new, creative relationship with money
- Confidence, balance and energy from transforming the daunting into the doable

Meet Your Teacher!

Karen McAllister, BEcon, CMC, Co-Active Coach®

Karen has been certified by Deborah Price of The Money Coaching Institute as a Certified Money Coach, Couples Money Coach, and Business Archetype Coach. She has studied extensively with Lynne Twist from the Soul of Money Institute on Mastering your Money and Transforming your Life.

Karen is also a founding member of the Namgyal-lineage Clear Sky Meditation Center in British Columbia, founded in 2004 and dedicated to awakening in this lifetime. She helped the center grow into a financially stable operation after a trying startup period. Her roles presently include: Dharma and meditation teacher; co-creator and teacher of the Ignite your Spiritual Life program at the center; Chair of the Board and Director of Fund Development.

In money coaching, Karen has worked with over 100 spiritual explorers and spiritual centers over a period of 10 years in groups and individually in America, Canada, Europe, and South America. She brings a clear perspective to bear on financial issues and skillfully incorporates the emotional, behavioral, and practical. Karen is a warm and compassionate facilitator of the healing process when it comes to each person’s relationship with money, starting anywhere on the graph.


  Saturday, January 9th - Day One
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  Sunday, January 10th - Day Two
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