Sunday, March 21st

Sleep & Dream Yoga offers a unique approach to guided relaxation, meditation, dreamwork, and emotional processing that helps us release tension, and heal ourselves both physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Among its core components is Yoga Nidra, which invites us to lay down, soften our bodymind, and simply receive the practice. No yoga or mindfulness experience is necessary to reap its tremendous benefits, and the experience is different every time!

Join Dr. Nick Atlas, a master teacher and guide with 20 years experience in Sleep & Dream Yoga, for an afternoon of deep relaxation, decompression, and restoration. Whether you are looking to de-stress, dispel anxiety, and improve your sleep, awaken and enlighten your dreams, or simply rest in present-moment awareness, this retreat is for you. This experiential, "mini-retreat" will feature gentle breathwork and a full-length Yoga Nidra practice, followed by a short break and a Q&A / Dharma talk, as well as a variety of approaches to meditation, embodiment, psychospirituality and wellness.

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March 21st schedule: 1:00pm-2:15pm and 2:45pm-4:00pm (includes a 30-minute break)

Benefits of Sleep & Dream Yoga:

• Relieves stress and anxiety

• Helps with pain management and promotes healing

• Improves sleep and overall quality of life

• Awakens consciousness and creativity in dreams

• Serves as a medium for deeper meditative experiences

Dr. Nick Atlas is the Director of Evolutionary Education®, and a pioneering teacher of the ancient, transformational art of Sleep & Dream Yoga. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and has twenty years experience in the healing and expressive arts. Dr. Nick currently serves as Faculty Chair at Atlantic University, and conducts experiential research on Deep Ecology (our interconnectedness with nature), in addition to his work as a psychedelic-assisted therapist, visual artist, author and musician.


  Sunday, March 21st
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Sunday, March 21st