Feeling anxious about the future? Avoiding certain money conversations with family or friends? Wanting to be less reactive to the ups and downs of your finances and life, or not sure if you’ll ever have enough?

The key to financial success is increasing our emotional intelligence. It’s not so much about how much we know or even how much we have, but our ability to resolve our fears and fixed money beliefs.

In this workshop, you will engage with money in entirely new ways. You will use your emotional intelligence to transform old money beliefs into new and empowering intentions. Through innovative exercises, you will create new neural pathways for a wiser, more empowered, and less habitual money life.

The Dharma of Money is a safe space to explore the taboo topic of money, skillfully entering uncharted territory. What if you could use mindfulness practices to release stressful patterns and bring equanimity, joy, and purpose to you and your finances?

Here is what you will learn in a joyful and supportive container:

• To recognize your Formative Money Experience and how to transcend it.

• An Enough Practice so all that you need is available right now.

• How to have a Courageous Money Conversation.

• A practice to have more equanimity with the ups and downs of money.

• How to loosen your fixed money beliefs and increase prosperity.

*Replay videos will be provided once the entire course has concluded.


  Saturday, January 30th - Day One
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  Sunday, January 31st - Day Two
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Meet Your Teacher

Spencer Sherman earned his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and founded Abacus, an independent financial advisory firm with mindfulness values. Spencer is the author of The Cure for Money Madness and The Money and Spirit Workshop. His 30-year meditation practice guides his transformative work with money.

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