Vajra Yoga Alliance Teacher Training for

certification or deepening personal practice

with Michele Loew & Tenzin Robert Thurman

September 22, 2023 - April 12, 2024 | Online with Optional In-Person Immersions 

-Full Course Tuition Includes Menla Retreat Immersions In-Person November 6-13, 2023 & April 2024. Join us this Fall for our amazing 300 hour Vajra Yoga Teacher Training Course. This is a Yoga Alliance Certification program.

This course can be taken entirely online, but attending the in-person retreats is highly recommended if your intention is to teach yoga or to gather greater assistance in your personal practice. 

This Year we are excited to have in person retreat & broadcast times in Australia as well as the US. This program has over 300 Hours of teachings divided into 3 terms. 

There are two 6- day retreat intensives in November & April, along with weekly livestreams and online material including regular live-stream asana practices and live-stream Q+As & philosophy sessions with the teachers.

Weekly Zoom Philosophy sessions with on-demand replays with Robert Thurman:

Bob Teaches: Fridays 11-1pm Eastern Standard time & Sundays 10-11am Western Australia Time

Weekly Zoom Asana/philosophy sessions with on-demand replays with Michele Loew

Michele teaches: Saturdays 10-12:30pm Eastern Standard time & Saturdays 10:30-noon Western Australia Time

In Person opening/closing retreat options

-Menla Mountain Retreat with Bob & Michele: November 6-13, 2023

-Menla Mountain Retreat with Bob & Michele: March 2024

-Bali closing retreat April 2024 with Michele & Jude Milan & possibly Bob:)

About the Vajra Yoga Online Program

In collaboration with Professor Padma Shri Robert “Tenzin” Thurman, renowned scholar & practitioner, authority on Indo-Tibetan Buddhist science, Indic spirituality and world philosophy, the course will provide a foundational understanding of the philosophy and science of the Buddhist contributions to success in yoga practice (such as were available interactively for over a thousand years in India with such texts as Paṭāñjali’s Yoga Sutras) Students can learn during weekdays through select, self-paced, on-demand videos of the unique Vajrayoga Archive of inspiring talks given recently by Dr. Thurman to elucidate the Buddha’s personal instructions interwoven comparatively with the Hindu yogas, as well as new live teachings & Q&As.  

Michele Loew will teach supporting asana, meditation, philosophy and guide sadhana both from Vajrayana, Tibetan Yogas, and Hatha Yoga from the lineage of Krishnamacharya, blending the Vinyasa flow, internal form, and intelligent progression found in the Ashtanga Vinyasa system, the precise alignment instructions and supported poses of the Iyengar System, and the modifications and therapeutics to the individual that Desikachara and modern therapeutics expanded yoga intelligence on. Interfacing with Hatha Yoga, are the Vajrayana Buddhist yoga practices and their guiding science of mind and body transformation that we feel informed the Hatha Schools of yoga as they were established, and continue to do so today as they evolve further together—the Vajrayana offerings are in the nonsectarian lineage of H. H. the Dalai Lama, Professor Thurman’s long-time principal teacher, and Michele Loew’s principal teacher since 2014.  

Vajra Yoga explores the philosophical and experiential interface between Hatha Yoga and Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Vajra Yoga traditions. If you are looking for a Yoga Teacher Training course that brings in yoga and the meditative sciences from both traditions, this is the course. The journey is deeply educational and spiritually transformational while giving you the practical skills to support other students on their path.

Working with Vajrayana practices and Hatha yoga, we are supporting His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s 4th aim in life: to bring back the Indian Inner Sciences, “Adhyatma Vidya” and the teachings of yoga and Buddhism back to India to support human beings’ inner awakening for happiness and freedom.

This course is a deeply contemplative and embodied investigation into the yogas of Vajrayana and Hatha Yoga practices with Professor Emeritus, Padma Shri Robert “Tenzin” Thurman and Michele Loew.