Medicine Buddha Anywhere: The Three Tibetan Principle Energies/Humors

An Online Conversation on The Three Principle Energies/Humors in partnership with Medicine Buddha App with Tenzin Metok - Sunday, April 16th, 2023 | 3 PM ET | Live with Re-Plays

Join Tenzin Metok from Medicine Buddha App and the Tibet House US | Menla community for an online introduction to Tibetan Medicine and live digital discussion on the three Tibetan principle energies/humors using the complimentary/integrative perspectives and remedies found in Traditional Tibetan Medicine and Healing Sciences.

Medicine Buddha Anywhere: Tibetan Medicine In The Digital Age is a series co-hosted by Tibet House US | Menla & The Medicine Buddha App presenting the work, ideas and projects from the leading hearts and minds of the Tibetan Medicine community working around the globe.

Tibetan Medicine, or Sowa Rigpa (གསོ་བ་རིག་པ) is a unique 2,500-year-old system of integrative medicine that uses predictive diagnostics and targeted prevention to personalize a holistic healing system for patients.

Hosted on Zoom and simulcasted on YouTube these gatherings are open to everyone interested in Holistic Healing, Sowa Rigpa, the Buddhist Inner and Outer Sciences and looking to learn more about Tibetan Medicine’s approach to healthy living, mental health and overall well being.

In this evening discussion we will explore:

  1. Introduction to Tibetan Medicine & its unique diagnosis and consideration.
  2. Tibetan Medicine approach compared to conventional medicine.
  3. The Three Principle Energies/Humors : Bile (Tripa), wind (Loong) and Phlegm (Baeken).
  4. Characteristics of each Humor.
  5. Loong, Tripa & Baeken dominant diseases.
  6. Herbal supplements and products suitable for each Humor.

Afternoon will conclude with a Q&A with Tenzin Metok, Founder of the Medicine Buddha App.

This online event will be simulcasted live on YouTube with re-plays and bonus materials provided via All proceeds help support the Medicine Buddha App & Tibet House US | Menla.

Live online talk and Q & A with access to replays
Includes access to past sessions

Tenzin Metok

Tenzin Metok (meaning Flower) is the founder of the Medicine Buddha App. A lawyer by training, and a banking professional with over 10+ years corporate experience. She has spent exactly half her life in the East and half in the West- born and raised in Kollegal Tibetan settlement in India and educated in USA, Germany and the UK. She lives in London with her husband and three young children. Her Tibetan horoscope predicted she would have four children. Medicine Buddha App is her fourth baby.

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