Schedule of Events

Tashi Delek - Welcome to Celebrate 2022

We are filled with immense joy to spend this New Year together!


Wednesday, December 29th

3 - 4PM EST: Western Astrology Forecast with Alexander Mallon

4:30 - 5:30PM EST: Vedic Astrology Forecast with Eric Rosenbush

7 - 8:30PM EST: Celebrate 2022 Keynote Panel on Engaged Spirituality, World Events, & Astrological Implications

Thursday, December 30th

12 - 1:30PM EST: Brightening Mind & Body: A Kundalini Yoga Experience with Jai Dev

3 - 4:30PM EST: Dharma Talk: Sorbota Celebration - Bhakti Wisdom with Krishna Das & Robert Thurman

7 - 8PM EST: Feminine Brilliance with SIMRIT [MUSIC + MEDITATION]

Friday, December 31st

12 - 1PM EST: Vajra Yoga with Michele Loew

3 - 4:30PM EST: Dharma Talk: Real Change with Sharon & Robert Thurman

7 - 8:30PM EST: Kirtan with Krishna Das

11PM - 12AM EST: New Year's Meditation with Jai Dev

Saturday, January 1st

12 - 1:30PM EST: Activation Yoga with Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor

3 - 4:30PM EST: Dharma Talk: Alberto Villoldo & Robert Thurman

10AM - 9PM EST: Chanting 108 Hanuman Chalisa with Nina Rao & Krishna Das

Sunday, January 2nd

12 - 1PM EST: Vinyasa Yoga with Michele Loew

3 - 4:30pm EST: Dharma Talk: Lucid Dying through Lucid Dreaming with Andrew Holecek & Robert Thurman

5 - 6PM EST: Individual Astrology Readings with Alexander [MAGIC HAT]

*Please note that schedule is subject to change. 

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