March 26th - 28th

In this special teaching, Dr. Nida will transmit the teachings of Mahamudra according to the Yuthog Nyingthig tradition. Mahamudra means 'Great Seal' and is one of the most advanced meditation methods of the Vajrayana tradition, a direct path to reveal the nature of the human mind and cut off the dualistic sufferings of Samsara at the root. These teachings will include instructions on the Sutra and Tantra paths of Mahamudra, including the methods of the Four Mudras and Four Yogas.


The Yuthog Nyingthig is a comprehensive set of Tibetan Buddhist practices transmitted by Yuthog Yönten Gönpo the Younger, the great 12th century Tibetan physician and meditation adept who is considered to be an emanation of Medicine Buddha and father of Tibetan Medicine. It is a complete system of practice from the Anuttarayogatantra (Highest Yoga Tantra) class of teachings, beginning with Ngöndro (the preliminaries) and progressing through Kyerim and Dzogrim (Creation and Completion Stage practices) to the highest practices of Mahamudra and Dzogchen. The tradition includes concise and essential methods perfectly suited for busy contemporary practitioners that offer both worldly benefits including improved health and longevity for oneself and others, as well as the ultimate benefit of complete spiritual liberation. The Yuthog Nyingthig is the main spiritual tradition connected with Sowa Rigpa (Tibetan medicine), and it contains many unique methods to heighten the intuitive, diagnostic, and healing capacities of doctors. As well as being the meditation tradition practiced within the lineage of Tibetan medicine, the Yuthog Nyingthig also has been revered by many practitioners interested in healing blessings.

Robert Thurman will receive the transmission as well. In complementary sessions, he will turn to the teachings of HH the Fourteenth Dalai Lama on Dzogchen and the unexcelled yoga tantras’ creation and perfection stages (skyerim and dzogrim), and how they relate to the Great Seal Mahāmudra teachings of the Yuthog tradition. His task will be to explore how the various presentations fit together in theory, in experience, and in realization, that is, in view, path of practice, and realizational fruition, in the contexts of exoteric sutra and esoteric tantra systems of learning and training.

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Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

Dr. Nida Chenagtsang is a traditional Tibetan physician and lineage holder of the Yuthog Nyingthig, the unique Vajrayana Buddhist spiritual healing tradition of Tibetan Medicine. He has published several books and articles on Tibetan medicine, meditation, and yoga, and his extensive research and revival of ancient Tibetan healing methods has earned him great acclaim in both East and West. 

Dr. Nida is the Founder and Medical Director of the Sowa Rigpa Institute: School of Traditional Tibetan Medicine (; Co-Founder of the International Ngakmang Institute, established to preserve and maintain the Rebkong ngakpa non-monastic yogi/ini culture within modern Tibetan society; and Co-Founder of Pure Land Farms: Center for Tibetan Medicine, Meditation and Rejuvenation in Los Angeles, California ( In addition to his work as a physician, he trains students in Sowa Rigpa and the Yuthog Nyingthig tradition in over forty countries around the world.

Robert Thurman

Professor Emeritus Robert Thurman is retired from 50 years of teaching, translating, and writing on Indo-Tibetan Buddhology (the study of enlightenment), and is a senior student of H. H. Dalai Lama and other Tibetan Lamas, including Dr. Nida as his teacher as well as a colleague. Translator of a number of books from the Tibetan canons and author of popular books of interpretation, he specializes on the Mādhyamika Centrist philosophical tradition as intertwined with the unexcelled yoga tantra practice tradition from Shakyamuni through Nāgārjuna, Chandrakīrti, Atīsha, and Jey Tsongkhapa, up to the contemporary Great Fourteenth Dalai Lama. He is co-founder of the American Institute of Buddhist Studies, Tibet House US, and Menla Retreat and Spa Resort.

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