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Esoteric Pure Lands Online Course

The archive online course deals with the esoteric application of Pure Land doctrine. How does the tantric tradition relate to Pure Lands, and how can I discover a Pure Land right here and now? What is the relationship between the tantric mandala and the pure lands of the various contemplative archetype buddhas? Where does Shambhala fit in, and what is the essence of purification? How does phowa, and the bardo teachings in general, relate to the Pure Lands? What are the “hidden lands” (beyul) and how do we find them? The relationship of pure land to pure mind is explored: how the transformation of one implies the transformation of the other.  

We can use the Pure Land tradition to augment our spiritual path, and to prepare us for our eventual rebirth into a Pure Land – either in the next moment, or in our next life. In addition to talks and discussion, both weekends present meditations that pave our way to a Pure Land now -- and after death. 

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