Vajra Vega Wheel of Protection: Fierce Kalachakra Empowerment & Retreat

August 19 - 25, 2025

Shar Khentrul Jamphel Lodrö Rinpoché & Robert A.F. Thurman

Learn the Most Powerful Spiritual Protection Practice Done before the Kalachakra Empowerment

Vajra Vega, the wrathful form of Shri Kalachakra and the King of the Wrathful Deities, is the protector aspect in Kalachakra. There are many benefits to establishing a connection with Vajra Vega. The essence of Vajravega is that he represents the non-conceptual primordial wisdom that arises when the winds enter the central channel. This is the method by which the root ignorance of conceptuality is cut. It is also the basis or container where the precious six vajra yogas arise. When we establish a wheel of protection with Vajra Vega, we are symbolically stopping the arising of dualistic appearances and abiding within the non-conceptual wisdom. Vajra Vega is considered the King of Spiritual Protection, and his 60 retinues are incredibly powerful.Khentrul Rinpoche has never before agreed to bestow this practice on students before keeping it to a very limited number. This powerful practice forms a vajra-protective sphere containing Vajra Vega and 60 protectors. It is performed at the start of a Kalachakra empowerment ceremony to secure the space. It is also done in some of the extensive Kalachakra Sadhanas. Robert Thurman requested the VajraVega Jenang and other special practices on the mind Mandala. For this reason, Yeshe Wangmo requested Rinpoche grant this wheel of protection practice that is so special and rare. Khentrul Rinpoche agreed to give this specific practice especially due to Robert Thurman’s initial request for Vajra Vega.

Who is Vajra Vega?

For those joining in person, there will be several in-person-only activities. Retreatants will be a part of creating the empowerment mandala and tormas of the retinues as well as a King of Kalachakra Fire Puja, among other exclusive offerings.

It is very important and special for us to connect with this aspect of Kalachakra in our lifetime to benefit from the connection in the Bardo state after death. While we must do our best to create karmic propensities to realize our own sacred truth during this life, if we do not then in the Bardo state after death, we may be able to recognise Vajra Vega in the sea of wrathful Deities and be liberated. For this reason, we also have several smaller practices that can help increase our connection and familiarity with Vajra Vega.

Mudra and ritual instruction classes will be led by Yeshe Wangmo.

Included in the Retreat both Online and In-Person

- Vajra Vega Jenang (wrathful Kalachakra) Blessing Empowerment- Oral Transmission and practice text of Praises of Vajra Vega- Oral Transmission and practice text of Short Practice of Vajra Vega- Oral Transmission and practice text of Vajra Vega’s Wheel of Protection Sadhana- Khentrul Rinpoche will give a short Commentary on the Wheel of Protection Sadhana- Teaching by Bob Thurman- Teaching on Dharma Protectors and the importance of their rituals- Lesson in how to make the torma and tea offering to Dharma Protectors- Specific Mudras related to Vajra Vega and the Wheel of Protection and the 12 Kalachakra Offerings according to Jonang- Instruction on how to perform the ritual with the mudras are lead by Yeshe Wangmo

Included In-person Retreat Only

- The King of Kalachakra Jinsek Fire Puja

- Torma Making Class

- Vajra Vega’s Retinue and Vajra Vega’s Torma

- Sand Mandala Construction


In-Person students must have already taken the Kalachakra Empowerment (wang) or plan to take it in the future. The participant must already believe that the Kalachakra tantra is an important practice they wish to continue with in this life. Khentrul Rinpoche is being generous in offering the in-person attendees the opportunity to attend this retreat even just with the intention to take it in the future, rather than insisting on prior initiation as is customary

Online participants must have already taken the Kalachakra Wang before.



Bell and Dorje

Serkyem (Golden Tea Offering Set)


This workshop will be online and in person. Oral transmissions and empowerment must be received in real-time (i.e. not via video replay). Recordings will be added to after the retreat. Everyone enrolled in person or online will be able to access the course.

This page is for online attendance registration. Click here to register instead for in-person attendance at Menla.

Shar Khentrul Jamphel Lodrö Rinpoché

Khentrul Rinpoché spent the first 20 years of his life herding yak and chanting mantras on the plateaus of Tibet. Inspired by the bodhisattvas, he left his family to study in various monasteries under the guidance of over twenty-five masters in all the Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Due to his non-sectarian approach, he earned himself the title of Rimé (unbiased) Master and was identified as the reincarnation of the famous Kalachakra Master Ngawang Chözin Gyatso. While at the core of his teachings is the recognition that there is great value in the diversity of all spiritual traditions found in this world, he focuses on the Jonang-Shambhala tradition. Thought to be extinct by many Western scholars, he found it held the most advanced teachings of Kalachakra (wheel of time), containing profound methods to harmonize our external environment with the inner world of body and mind.

Since 2014, he has traveled to more than thirty countries, guiding students to realize their own sacred truth of limitless potential through a clear, systematic step-by-step presentation of the Kalachakra Path to enlightenment. By teaching people how to cultivate a flexible mind and remove bias, Khentrul Rinpoché aspires to create compassion-based communities, transforming this world into a golden age of global peace and harmony.

Robert Thurman

Robert Thurman is Professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University as well as Co-Founder and President of Tibet House US | Menla in service of HH Dalai Lama & the people of Tibet.

A close friend of the Dalai Lama’s for over 50 years, he is a leading world-wide lecturer on Tibetan Buddhism, passionate activist for the plight of the Tibetan people, skilled translator of Buddhist texts, and inspiring writer of popular Buddhist books. His most recent book is Wisdom Is Bliss: Four Freindly Fun Facts That Can Change Your Life


In partnership with Nena Thurman and dedicated contributors, he now focuses on making Tibet House US and its Menla Retreat & Spa a global center for the promotion, study and practice of Tibetan Buddhist healing arts and sciences of body, mind, and spirit, dedicated as a complement to the vast life work of its patron, His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

To Learn More About Robert A.F. Thurman please visit: WebsiteTwitterFacebookInstagram

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